Frequently Asked Questions


Is Saint Ambrose Academy a co-op?

SAA is not a traditional co-op in the sense of only parent led classes. Instead students take classes twice a week taught by content-area instructors. Although parents do not participate in the classroom aspect of SAA on class days, they continue their child’s homeschooling education at home, making this a non-profit co-op organization.

Do I drop my kids off at Saint Ambrose Academy?

Yes! This is a drop off program. Parents are not required to stay at the building while their children are in classes. Parents will have rotational volunteer hours throughout the year but they will not be at the co-op weekly nor need to stay for the entire day when volunteering.

Is Saint Ambrose Academy a school?

SAA is not a school. SAA is a state and federally-registered non-profit organization, with a educational/tutoring service designation. 

SAA is not a substitute for homeschooling. Parents are still required to file all necessary paperwork for their district and meet the state guidelines for testing and subjects taught. The nature of our two-day per week program requires that instruction at home with parents is completed three-days per week. 

What does a typical day at Saint Ambrose Academy look like?

Students arrive between 8:30 AM and 8:40 AM and head off to their first class for school prayer and their first subject. Classes meet for 40 minutes each (1 hour for high school classes), with a break for lunch. Students (1st-12th) attend six to seven classes per day and are dismissed at 2:40pm (high school dismisses at 3:10pm).

What commitment does this require for the parents?

Parents are still considered the primary educators, and it is required that they oversee all SAA home assignments on days that SAA does not meet. Additionally, Parents will continue their child’s education on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Families who enroll in SAA make a commitment to SAA for the academic year: September through May. 

In order to keep tuition costs at an absolute minimum, Saint Ambrose Academy has a cooperative element. Families are expected to volunteer at SAA and the requirements for fulfilling these hours may include, but are not limited to acting as a library aide (i.e. organizing and re-filing of books, story time, etc.), spending time in the nursery (i.e. caring for teachers children in the nursery), and cleaning hours.  

Please note specific activities and hours will be communicated once the location is finalized and registration is opened. Volunteers will also be required to have their Diocesan clearances.

What books are used at SAA?

​Books vary depending on grade and subject area. Each academic year focuses on different topics in each subject area. Once enrolled book lists will be distributed. Please visit for more information.

Who pays for these books?

Parents are responsible for purchasing the books used in the Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum at SAA (Please note that SAA grade specific book lists will be distributed after enrollment). We realize that many families may already own some of the books and we also want to provide families the most cost effective options, including purchasing used.

Can my student take just one or two classes offered?

This is not an option at this time, as we believe it does not allow students to fully experience the unique situation and community that SAA provides. 

Is financial aid available?

At this time financial aid is not available, but we have done our best to keep costs at a minimum.

What else do I have to do to homeschool my children in PA?

SAA is not a substitute for homeschooling. Parents are still required to file all necessary paperwork for their district and meet the state guidelines for testing and subjects taught. The nature of our two-day per week program requires that instruction at home with parents is completed three-days per week.

Is the curriculum at Saint Ambrose Academy all I need to do with my children?

At this time SAA is unable to offer all academic subject areas. It is important that parents familiarize themselves with the various homeschool requirements of their districts. 

When would the SAA school year begin/end?

Around September 7th – May 24th. Please contact us for the exact dates. 

What will my children eat?

There will be a lunch period but no lunch will be provided. It is up to each parent to provide a lunch for their child(ren).

Will there be grades/report cards?

Grades will be kept at a minimum but SAA will have its teachers provide quarterly progress reports.

Will there be flexibility and understanding of missed school due to family vacation or illness?

There will be flexibility to the extent that absences are allowed outside of the allotted vacation days but families are responsible for catching up where the class has progressed to when they return. 

Will I have to enroll directly with Mother of Divine Grace School?

It is up to each individual family if they want to additionally enroll in MODG. The administrators of SAA will be enrolled and have access to a MODG consultant who is supportive of hybrid homeschooling co-op to make sure that the school is covering subjects appropriately.

Do I have to pay tuition in full at the beginning of the year?

Please note financial commitments are binding for the entire school year. Families can pay tuition in full at the beginning of the year or pay in 10 monthly installments. Monthly payments are due by the 10th of each month, August through May. The first months payment will be due by August 10th of each year.

Will there be uniforms?

Yes, at SAA we will have uniforms for grades 1st through 12th. In the application we suggest that uniforms, in certain colors, be purchased from any store of your choice. However, we understand that families may already have collared shirts and pants/skirts or dresses in the school colors and those can be used as well! Click here to download our Dress Code Policy.