Chess Club

Our very own Mr. Foreman has launched an After-School Chess Club, and it’s been a tremendous hit among our students. The club not only teaches kids the rules of chess but also instills valuable lessons about sportsmanship and strategic thinking.

In the Chess Club, our young enthusiasts get the opportunity to practice and hone their skills, building critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that extend beyond the chessboard. It’s an excellent way to expand their minds while having a great time.

In addition to chess, students will also be tackling the enigmatic world of Rubik’s Cubes. Mr. Foreman will guide them in understanding the patterns and solving techniques for this iconic puzzle. It’s a chance for our kids to develop their spatial reasoning and analytical skills.

We’re thrilled to see our students embracing these exciting extracurricular activities, thanks to Mr. Foreman’s dedication and enthusiasm.